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TEX-Rail Final Design Project, Fort Worth, TX

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T) is overseeing the design and construction of a 27.2-mile commuter rail system between downtown Fort Worth, Texas and northeast Tarrant County to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW Airport). The Parsons/TranSystems JV (PTS) were contracted to provide final design services for this project. As part of the scope, APM as a team member was tasked with providing hydraulic analysis on the existing creeks for any new infrastructure crossing existing floodplains. As part of our scope, we validated the existing Hydraulic models and revised them to include the new bridge crossings. APM also updated the models to include revised cross sections at these locations based on the new survey data.

In Addition, APM also provided the hydraulic analysis for all FEMA drainage structure located within Segment 3, which were approximately 80% of the alignment. That included 9 proposed bridge locations, 5 culvert extensions and the new station at Northside which were all located within the floodplain. These 15 locations, which proposed improvements within the FEMA designated floodplains had  hydraulic modeling completed for the existing and proposed conditions as well as provided coordination with the local authority having jurisdiction.   APM also was responsible for the design and specification development for all of the drainage systems to be improved along this portion of the alignment. This included culverts, drainage pipes and swales and the drainage system that carried the storm water generated from the tracks along this section.

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