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At APM & Associates, we understand that water and wastewater treatment plants play an integral role in our city’s health and well-being. We have a history of designing and restoring pump stations and other treatment plant structures with an unyielding commitment to safety and sustainability (quality, current safety policies and cost-effectiveness.  We strive to deliver cost-effective projects every step of the way, from the design, to the construction, to the start-up, to – perhaps most importantly – the continued management, and operation and maintenance of the plant.

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Central Wastewater Treatment Plant – Mechanical Improvements. 

APM provided engineering services to complete several tasks associated with this contract.

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Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Chlorine Basin and Hydraulic Improvements

Phase I – APM performed civil engineering, site drainage plans, yard piping plans and the access road replacement for a new chlorine basin at the facility.


Bachman Water Treatment Plant - Phase II Improvements

APM performed design services for modifications to several of the plant facilities including: structural modifications for the replacement of existing primary flocculation equipment with new oscillating type equipment;

Eastside Water Treatment Plant Process Improvements - Contract III

APM performed design services for the construction of a new ammonia chemical building and a new chlorine disinfection building at the plant.



Since our inception, APM has provided exceptional design services for the upgrading and rehabilitation of pipeline systems throughout the State of Texas. In fact, a significant portion of our business can be attributed to the pipeline design contracts that we have worked on. We understand that conventionally the designs were open cut construction, but we understand that with ever increasing need to be cost effective with public funds and the indirect cost of open cut, that we must look at every alternative to the design to ensure the most effective designs are being proposed.


Water and Wastewater Mains Replacement at Various Locations – Dallas, TX

This project included the development of field surveying, base mapping, and preparation of plans and specifications for the replacement of approximately

Water & Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Fort Worth, Tx

APM prepared construction plans, specifications and estimates for approximately 9,000 L.F. of water and sanitary sewer mains in five (5) street locations. 

Marylyn Estates and Sharpstown Area Waterline Replacement

Houston, Tx

This project is located in the southwest section of the City of Houston.  It consisted of preparing construction plans, specifications, and estimates 

Pipeline Design
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