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DFW International Airport Skylink Automated People Mover System

APM & Associates provided structural engineering assistance to the Skylink Automated People Mover (APM) System project team.  APM assigned five (5) full-time structural engineers to the endeavor.  The Skylink system consists of over five miles of elevated structure supporting single and dual guideways along with two stations at each terminal along with associated support infrastructure.  The structure is a hybrid of prestressed U-beams and steel trapezoidal box girders supported on precast, post-tensioned segmental columns and cast-in-place columns.


APM responsibilities included the development of concrete specifications and mix design, and quality assurance and calculation check for the design of the prestressed U-beam superstructure, cast-in-place substructure, post-tensioned bent caps, and the emergency walkway.  In addition, APM was involved with the structural steel design of the stations at each of the terminals. APM senior level engineers were also involved with developing the structural specifications, reviewing contractor submittals and peer review of final drawings. 

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