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Dowdy Ferry Road Bridge Replacement (Hutchins, TX) 

The Dowdy Ferry Road Bridge over the Trinity River is a main county arterial to an unincorporated area of Southern Dallas County. APM & Associates was selected as prime consultant to investigate the feasibility of repairing the main bridge support structure damaged due to scour and earth failure. Upon further deterioration of the structure that made repairs impossible, the main bridge was closed to traffic and APM was retained to provide engineering design and construction documents for the bridge replacement. The main bridge structure was over 1,000 feet long and the relief bridge over the flood plain was approximately 960 feet long. The bridges utilized Types C and IV, TxDOT prestressed concrete beams with spans up to 120 feet. The project was a joint effort of the Dallas County and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), who provided funding for the construction. The drawings were prepared in the metric units - TxDOT standard at the time.  The project was fast-tracked and completed within budget and ahead of schedule.

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