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Central Wastewater Treatment Plant – Mechanical Improvements

APM provided engineering services to complete several tasks associated with this contract. It included the production of technical memorandums, design plans and specifications, opinions of probable construction cost and construction phase services for the tasks. A brief list and description of items completed by APM are as follows:  Contract A – included renovation of the Administration Building. APM developed plans and specifications for expansion of the conference room, modifications to the auditorium, including handicap access, and flooring, painting and ceiling of the entire building.  The contract included support services for modifications to Complex A –Final Clarifiers to optimize the process. APM evaluated the existing influent system and effluent troughs and produced design plans to modify the basins.  APM also conducted an evaluation of the influent gates and structures for the Dallas Plant Secondary. This required an analysis of the capability of the gates to seal properly and the production plans for replacement of the gates that were malfunctioning.   Contract B – Dallas Plant Sludge Heater Building, Meter Pad Building, and Anerobic Digesters Demolition. This Contract included preparation of plans, specifications and opinions of probable cost associated with the demolition of obsolete equipment and infrastructure for this process. The design also included a new piping arrangement to transfer sludge and scum from the Dallas Plant to the White Rock Plant. The new Scum Well and Dallas Plant Primaries were also evaluated and modified structurally to accommodate the new pumping arrangement.

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